2008-11-03 08:56:38     handling bf548-keyboard

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2008-11-03 08:56:38     handling bf548-keyboard

Maha lakshmi (INDIA)

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    I am using BF-548 EZKit Lite Rev1.4. I could switch my mode to nano-X (by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2) and framebuffer console(by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1). I could see the output of grabdemo program of nano-X using usb keyboard.


   Now, I want to acheive it through BF548 keyboard. I have configured the kernel with the necessary options and the event_test was also working fine when I pressed the keys in bf548 keyboard.


   root:/dev/input> event_test event0

Input driver version is 1.0.0

Input device ID: bus 0x19 vendor 0x1 product 0x1 version 0x100

Input device name: "bf54x-keys"

Supported events:

  Event type 0 (Reset)

    Event code 0 (Reset)

    Event code 1 (Key)

  Event type 1 (Key)

    Event code 2 (1)

    Event code 3 (2)

    Event code 4 (3)

    Event code 5 (4)

    Event code 6 (5)

    Event code 7 (6)

    Event code 8 (7)

    Event code 9 (8)

    Event code 10 (9)

    Event code 11 (0)

    Event code 14 (Backspace)

    Event code 15 (Tab)

    Event code 28 (Enter)

    Event code 103 (Up)

    Event code 108 (Down)

    Event code 138 (Help)

Testing ... (interrupt to exit)

Event: time 165691.124335, type 1 (Key), code 7 (6), value 1

Event: time 165691.124387, type 0 (Reset), code 0 (Reset), value 0

Event: time 165691.435084, type 1 (Key), code 7 (6), value 0

Event: time 165691.435133, type 0 (Reset), code 0 (Reset), value 0

Event: time 165692.183652, type 1 (Key), code 4 (3), value 1



    and the nano-X  configured with the following options.


    # keyboard or null kbd driver

TTYKBD                   = N

SCANKBD                  = N

PIPEKBD                  = N

IPAQKBD                  = N

LIRCKBD                  = N

NOKBD                    = Y


    Is it possible to acheive the same functionality of usb keyboard in bf548 keyboard. With the above configuration, I could type only on frame buffer console(only numbers not  letters). How can i switch my mode to nano-X window as I do in usb keyboard(by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2).


    Please tell me how to sort out this problem and please tell me what are the combination of keys to be pressed to display the letters (a-z and A-Z).


    For your kind Information, I have attached the kernel bootup messages.





























2008-11-03 09:16:11     Re: handling bf548-keyboard

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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The bf54x-keys driver doesn't have multiple keys press detection and resolution.

One thing you could do is to HACK the driver, so it sends the CTRL + ALT + Fx sequence when a specific key is pressed.