2008-11-01 03:36:31     vrec problem in 08r1.5

Document created by Aaronwu Employee on Aug 8, 2013
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2008-11-01 03:36:31     vrec problem in 08r1.5

Wei Jiang (CHINA)

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Dear all,


vrec works all well in 2.6.18 kernel with CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS_PLUGIN selected.


In 08r1.5 kernel, with CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS_PLUGINS not selected, vrec can work but always be 16K-16bit-Mono whatever params seteed.


with CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS_PLUGINS setted, vrec works with no data. I mean file size is right but can't rec anything!


Please help me, many thanks!




Wei Jiang




2008-11-01 03:42:02     Re: vrec problem in 08r1.5

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please fully describe your hardware setup.  as for software, run `make bugreport` in the uclinux-dist dir and post the resulting tarball.