2008-10-31 11:46:34     Simple GPIO driver

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2008-10-31 11:46:34     Simple GPIO driver

ian davidson (UNITED KINGDOM)

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Trying to port code from 2006 RC2 to 2008 RC3


The user interface to the GPIOs has changed.


Thanks to M Hennerich for pointing me to the documentation and examples.


I've built the kernel with DeviceDriver/Char driver/Simple GPIO enabled and all files


gpio0 ... gpio47 have appeared in the /dev directory.


The following program is intended to set PF7 for a short period, it runs without errors


but the IO line does not alter state.


Is there anything else I need to configure in the kernel?


Do I need also to set the Pheripheral select registers to ensure that this line is indeed a GPIO and not a pheripheral line,


in this case for PF7 timer 2 output or PPIFS3?


I've compared the following code with bfin-test/simple-gpio-game.c and can't see any significant differences.






Ian Davidson


CODE SNIPPET==================


int gpiofd = open("/dev/gpio23", O_RDWR);


if (gpiofd < 0)


    fprintf (stderr, "%s %d Can't open file\n", __FILE__, __LINE__);




if ( (ret = write (gpiofd, "O1",2)) != 2) // Output, set to 1


    fprintf (stderr,"wr 1:%d\n", ret);





if ( (ret = write (gpiofd, "O0",2)) != 2) // Output, set to 0


    fprintf (stderr, "wr 3:%d\n", ret);



close (gpiofd);