2008-10-29 14:08:07     Driver read function

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2008-10-29 14:08:07     Driver read function

Joao Paulo Bodanese (BRAZIL)

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I wrote an user application and driver to write some data in SPI.


Before each "read" in user space, i must to pass a data (register) to my driver. In this moment, i am doing this via IOCTL (see the example below)


ioctl(app.fd, REGISTER, DATA);


read(fd,(int *)&buffer, sizeof(buffer));




Is it the best way to do that? Could i pass the data throught the read?










2008-10-29 14:24:34     Re: Driver read function

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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first, what exactly are you trying to do ?  you write 1 byte to a spi device and then read back the response ?