2008-01-28 11:21:26     quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit

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2008-01-28 11:21:26     quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit

sham naik (NETHERLANDS)

Message: 50237    Hi,


I am trying to get first audio on BF537 Ezkit. For this I built uClinux for bf537 stamp and included audio_test. When I run the audio_test( I think it reads the mic input and write to speaker), I don't hear anything which I speak from microphone. Could you please help me out?

I don't see any file open error on the console; so /dev/dsp is opened properly.







2008-01-28 11:44:06     Re: quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit

Bill Fassler (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50239    I'm curious to know what sound driver your trying to use.






2008-01-29 09:23:31     Re: quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit

sham naik (NETHERLANDS)

Message: 50307    My sound driver configuration looks as below.

( AD1836 audio support, I2S interface)


But now I can play an MP3 file. So it seems I need to look into microphone side.


│<M> AD1836 Audio support for BF53x                                    │ │

  │ │      Interface between Blackfin and AD1836 (I2S interface)  --->     │ │

  │ │[ ] Support setting for linphone:16 bits 8k mono mode in driver       │ │

  │ │< > AD1981B AC97 SPORT0 Audio support for BF537/6/4 BF533/2/1 (EXPERIM│ │

  │ │(0) Blackfin Audio SPORT port                                         │ │

  │ │(4) Blackfin Audio SPI channel selection bit                          │ │

  │ │<M> AD73311L Audio support for BF53x                                  │ │

  │ │(0)   Blackfin Audio SPORT port                                       │ │

  │ │(4)   PF pin for AD73311L Chip Select




2008-01-29 12:59:33     Re: quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit

Bill Fassler (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50325    Sham -  It looks like you are building two different audio drivers as modules.  Which one are you loading?  I find this puzzling because I wouldn't have expected either one of those drivers to work.  As you can see from my thread:


I am also interested in audio on the BF537-EZKIT. Which distribution are you using? The R2007R1.1RC3 release or the branch or the trunk?



Bill Fassler




2008-10-24 11:21:40     Re: quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit


Message: 64168   


Hi,  I'm piggybacking on this thread because my question is related...


I have been asked if I could give a quick demo of audio and video caputure using the BF537 EZ-Kit and uCLinux.  I have been working with uClinux on the board and have custom hardware that allows me to use ffmpeg to pull frames off the camera and send them back to a PC running VLC (similar to the "simple web cam demo" discussed in the blackfin-docs pages).  I have not played with audio input at all.


So, my question is twofold...


1) Is the uCLinux distrubution (2008R1.5-RC3) already equipped to make it pretty easy for me to just run menuconfig and pull in the necessary drivers so that I can run ffmpeg to pull 2 channels of audio off the BF537 EZ-Kit and push that over to VLC?


2) If the answer to (1) above is 'yes', then does the BF537 have the horsepower to do 2 channels of audio and on channel of lo-res (320x240) video using ffmpeg and a PC running VLC?








2008-10-27 03:56:31     Re: quick audio test on BF537 Ezkit

Daniele Pagani (ITALY)

Message: 64222   


Dear Ed,


I'm using on the Bf537Ezkit using this setup:




Best regards,