2008-10-23 02:58:05     Ad1836 driver

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2008-10-23 02:58:05     Ad1836 driver

Daniele Pagani (ITALY)

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Hi guys,


I'm using ad1836 driver with Ezkit BF537 and audio works fine.


(I don't need to change anything to run audio on Ezkit instead Stamp board with this driver).


I'm using:


vrec -w -s 48000 -b 16 | vplay


in order to put on audio output what I receive on audio input.


But, 2 questions:


1) is it possible using audio at 24bit and not only at 16 bit? Is it depent by vplay/vrec or it is a problem in the driver implementation?


2) I'm seeing a delay of about 25ms that is 1024 sample at 48Khz; where can I reduce this delay (I suppose that it is a size of a buffer in the driver implementation)


Many thanks,