2008-10-09 04:10:01     About G729 library

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2008-10-09 04:10:01     About G729 library


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Got mail from a developer (Bob):


First, I got your mail from the blackfin forum http://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/project/uclinux-dist/forum/?action=ForumBrowse&forum_id=39&thread_id=17670&_forum_action=ForumMessageBrowse.

I follow the thread and solved the problem for g729 test program, it runs OK on board.


Problems cames out when I trying to integrate g.729 to my program. The

g.729 can only work properly when linked with the linker script. But linked with the linker script will affect the alsa, which I used to control handset, speaker and mic. It gives out following errors when alsa opening the audio device.


ALSA lib conf.c:2680:(snd_config_hooks_call) symbol snd_config_hook_load is not defined inside (null) ALSA lib conf.c:3054:(snd_config_update_r) hooks failed, removing configuration


When I linked without the linker script, alsa works OK, but g.729 will cause crash. Now I can only disable alsa in my program to test g.729.

But this will also disable the function of switch between handset and handfree, the function of set volume, etc.


I haven't use the linker script before and have no idea of what it does.

Could you give me some advices to resolve this problem? Thanks a lot!


BTW, I got only g.729 test code and library. Where can I found some documents about the usage?









Since 2008R1 release, the g.729 library has been integrated into uclinux-dist. You can find it in uclinux-dist/lib/libbfgdots/. And we don't need any specail linker script now. Alsa should work properly with g.729 library. You can also find examples in user/linphone/g729_patch/linphone-2.0.1-g729.patch ( it is on SVN trunk).






2008-10-13 23:31:52     Re: About G729 library

Bob Liu (CHINA)

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"don't need any specail linker script now", is it related with uclinux 2008 or it works after apply the patch on matter on uclinux 2007 or 2008?




2008-10-13 23:59:24     Re: About G729 library


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For 2008R1, 2008R1.5, you don't need any patch, just build the library and it should work.


But you can back port libbfgdots to 2007R1.




2008-10-20 04:57:57     Re: About G729 library

Bob Liu (CHINA)

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The library from 2008 works. But I think there is something error while working in packed mode. It only produce noise when intercommunicate with other soft phone. From the packet captured, it seems the byte order is not correct.


So it worked in un-packed mode with pack function implement by me.




2008-10-20 05:34:43     Re: About G729 library


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Yes, I tested in packed mode, the library cannot talk with other g729 clients. So currently you can use unpacked mode. And do you have fix for packed mode (did you try to fix the bit order)? If so that would be great.




2008-10-20 07:39:06     Re: About G729 library

Bob Liu (CHINA)

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I have little experience on asm. So I just reversed the byte order in 2 bytes word after calling the g729 interface in my program written in C.