2008-10-15 09:35:41     PATA on the BF-548

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2008-10-15 09:35:41     PATA on the BF-548

Vladimir Davydov (BELARUS)

Message: 63719    Hi! I'm working with BF-548 EZ-KIT Lite. The ATAPI is working fine. But on the target device a hard drive will be connected to the alternate ATAPI interface (PPI0). I have read in the Hardware References that the Port F can alternatively provide the ATAPI data signals if not multiplexed with the asynchronous bus. Does the linux kernel driver (pata_bf54x) support this case? I have analyzed the source code of the driver and didn't found where the PORTF_MUX sets to proper values to route ATAPI data and signals to alternate homes. Thanks, Vladimir




2008-10-15 17:33:51     Re: PATA on the BF-548


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They might not be - but it should be considered a bug - we test / verify on hardware we have, and it is difficult sometimes to verify on posibilities...


If you are going to have hardware - we can help make it work.






2008-10-16 08:45:51     Re: PATA on the BF-548

Vladimir Davydov (BELARUS)

Message: 63790    Thank you, Robin. In this case first engineering samples of our device will provide both interfaces to ATAPI (standard and alternate). We will check the driver and add proper portmux setup if it will not work with alternate interface.




2008-10-19 05:15:14     Re: PATA on the BF-548

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you should look at how the BF52x handles the SPORT0 pins going on different PORTs ... it isnt done in drivers, it's done in the Kconfig/headers