2008-10-15 10:20:48     Receive data in ethernet

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2008-10-15 10:20:48     Receive data in ethernet

Glauber Tadeu (BRAZIL)

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I need transfer "many" data bytes (1MB) with ethernet from a PC to blackfin (BF537-STAMP-BOARD) with uClinux.


What's the buffer size of ethernet in bfin? When the buffer is full (I send the max possible bytes), do I need wait or can I continue send without wait?


Thanks in advance...




2008-10-15 21:46:05     Re: Receive data in ethernet

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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presumably you're talking about TCP/IP communication.  the stack with Linux on the Blackfin processor is the same as the stack on any Linux system.  there is no "sync" operation   there is no "wait until the buffer is empty".  the kernel handles all of the buffers for your userspace applications.





2008-10-15 22:42:26     Re: Receive data in ethernet

Glauber Tadeu (BRAZIL)

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Yes, it's TCP/IP.


Ok, that's I imagine... but doesnt work... When I send all bytes without wait, some bytes lost on uClinux. I need wait 5ms after each package of 100 bytes to work. Why i need this time?






2008-10-16 17:05:27     Re: Receive data in ethernet


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Can you send some test code that reproduces the issue?






2008-10-18 01:25:36     Re: Receive data in ethernet

Glauber Tadeu (BRAZIL)

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This code read ethernet and put in buffer the value.


// part of server code


int create_soquete_serv(int port)


    int sock, b;

    struct sockaddr_in nome;

    /* Cria um soquete */

    sock=socket(PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);

    if(sock < 0) erro_fatal("socket");




    /* bind: Liga um socket a uma porta de servico */

    b=bind(sock, (struct sockaddr *)&nome, sizeof(nome));

    if(b<0) erro_fatal("bind");

    /* Libera para atender conexoes na porta */

    if(listen(sock,1)<0) erro_fatal("socket");

    return sock;



int send_client(int filedes, char *msg)


    int nbytes;

    char send[50];


    nbytes=write(filedes, send, strlen(send));


    if(nbytes<0) erro_fatal("write");


    return nbytes;



int rcv_client(int filedes)


    char aux[MAXMSG];

    char buffer[MAXMSG];

    int nbytes, i;


    // clean buffer

    bzero(aux, MAXMSG);

    bzero(buffer, MAXMSG);


    // receive data

    nbytes = read(filedes, aux, MAXMSG);

    if(nbytes==0) return -1;

    else if(nbytes<0) return -2;

    //if(nbytes==0) return -1;

    for(i=0; i<MAXMSG; i++)


            buffer[i] = aux[i];


            buffer[i] = '\0';


    if(nbytes>=0) // if there is a sentence

        trata_comando(filedes, buffer);    // save the sentence


    return nbytes;



When I receive two sentences with 100 bytes (chars) or more I lost some bytes in second sequence. The client need wait 5ms between sentences to server understand all message.


Why do client wait 5ms?