2008-10-16 22:56:47     Questions about PPI_FS3?

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2008-10-16 22:56:47     Questions about PPI_FS3?

Wei Jiang (CHINA)

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Dear all,


     My hardware is bf561, I want to use tthe PPI with "3 internal Frame Syncs" mode.


     It says "The state of PPI_FS3 depends completely on the state of PPIx_FS1 and/or PP!x_FS2, so PPIx_FS3 has no inherant programmability". In my test, PPI_FS3 is always be the half of PPIx_FS2.


     It has no effect by setting the PORT_CFG in the PPIx_CONTROL register. What's the difference when I set PORT_CFG[1:0] to 01 and 11?


    If PPI is working with "3 internal Frame Syncs" mode, then the frequency of PPIx_FS3 can only be the half of PPIx_FS2 and can't be changed by setting the registers??


    Thanks, any clue is appreciated!


   Wei Jiang