2008-10-16 07:24:35     RCP does not work (BF537)

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2008-10-16 07:24:35     RCP does not work (BF537)

Aravinda SH (INDIA)

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I have problem with rcp command on the uImage ( loaded on BF537-STAMP. I looked into the document "http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=uclinux-dist:remote_shell&s[]=rcp"


According to which the ouput is


root:/bin> ps | grep inetd

   93 root         40 S   inetd

  156 root        448 R   grep inetd

root:/bin> cat /etc/inetd.conf

shell   stream tcp nowait root /bin/rshd

ftp     stream tcp nowait root /bin/ftpd -l

telnet  stream tcp nowait root /bin/telnetd

root:/bin> ls -l /bin/rshd

-rwxr--r--    1 root     root        59420 Jan  1  2007 /bin/rshd


Looks like everything is according to the document, but when I try to use RCP from my pc (host), it does not seems to be wroking.


I executed 'rshd&' command also.


I also tried FTP, it asks for password and I gave 'uclinux' which did not work.


Does this mean some more configurations are required.








2008-10-16 16:03:42     Re: RCP does not work (BF537)


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Can you check to make the real rcp is on your host - since it is so insecure - many distributions replace this with the one that always does Kerberos authentication (which we don't support on the Blackfin).