2008-08-12 08:25:34     comfusing of the SIGIO

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2008-08-12 08:25:34     comfusing of the SIGIO

edward jiang (CHINA)

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hi all:


in my uclinux application progrmming,when i get a SIGIO signal ,a fucntion called 'comin' is executed.my question is ,before the function 'comin' exits,a second SIGIO came,what would happened?the second SIGIO is directly ignored?or the second 'comin' will interrupted the first 'comin'?


thanks a lot.




2008-08-12 08:38:31     Re: comfusing of the SIGIO

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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it all depends on how you've configured your application to deal with signals and whether you're using the old signal handling or the new sigaction handling and what you've set your masks and ...


it'd probably be best if you just bought a book on the topic, but you could read `man 7 signal`