2008-07-31 14:26:17     Character driver doubts

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2008-07-31 14:26:17     Character driver doubts

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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In the charater driver, if we pass more than one or two bytes for read or write, does this cause any problems,

what problems we could face?.


do we need to call  from the user space byte or 2 bytes for processing the entire data.


Can someone clear me the disadvantages of processing more number of bytes in character driver( read or write)


Best Regards,Sreedhar.






2008-07-31 22:42:19     Re: Character driver doubts

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please obtain and read the Linux Device Drivers book.  it covers topics like this and a lot more, and it is free.




clearly passing the entire buffer to process at once is going to incur less overhead than passing everything 1 byte at a time