2008-07-29 10:04:21     building romfs

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2008-07-29 10:04:21     building romfs

Hadi Boulfelfel (FRANCE)

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I need some help about making vmImage. In fact, I built the kernel with the normal make command with the jffs2 enabled and I got rootfs.jffs2 file about 2.7MB and the kernel vmImage about 800kB. The vmImage file in the /arch/blackfin/boot directory is about 3.2MB.


I want to add some files in the romfs directory and build the all of them by make image but  the size of the vmImage is changed to 3.2MB which is too big to fit int the 1MB kernel partition! and the rootfs.jffs2 filesize didn't change.


please, which switch would I use with the make command?


thank you.




2008-07-29 11:07:12     Re: building romfs

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the kernel/rootfs is generated based on your kernel selections.  if you enable initramfs support (which is on by default in 2008R1), then you'll get a kernel with a rootfs attached.


review this document for more information:





2008-07-29 12:15:32     Re: building romfs

Hadi Boulfelfel (FRANCE)

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Mike, but when I do make after the make menuconfig I got the vmImage file with only 800KB (only Kernel image; vmImage The Linux kernel in the bootable U-Boot format -- no root filesystem) but when I use the make image without any changes in the romfs directory the file size of the vmImage increases by 3.2MB.


I kept the initramfs support enabled in the config, but I don't understant why there is a difference in the file size between the the vmImage in the /images directory and the vmImage in the /arch/blackfin/boot directory, isn't it the same one?


Thank you




2008-07-29 14:04:16     Re: building romfs

Hadi Boulfelfel (FRANCE)

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Ok, now I disabled the initramfs in the kernel config and I got only vmImage with 800KB and rootfs.jffs2 with 2.7MB and the vmImage in the /arch/blackfin/boot directory has the same file size as the vmImage in the /images directory and when I do make image after changes made to the romfs directory, only the size of the rootfs.jffs2 file changes.






2008-07-30 01:12:02     Re: building romfs

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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do not look at any files other than the ones in images/.  what files do under linux-2.6.x/ is irrelevant.  the build system will copy files to the correct place for you.