2008-07-25 07:21:06     romfs and /dev

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2008-07-25 07:21:06     romfs and /dev

murti iki (GERMANY)

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I have one doubt regarding the makefile in the vendor/AnalogDevices/BF537-Stamp


I was thinking that the root filesytem structure under directory /romfs was mounted as


a ram disk in romfs format by default. But since romfs is a read-only file system, creating new device nodes


under /dev directory made me to believe that this was not the case.


I  tried to understand the makefile system in  vendor/AnalogDevices/BF537-Stamp but wasn't able to


understand the default filesystem type for ramdisk.


I would be happy if you can help me with this issue








2008-07-25 09:47:32     Re: romfs and /dev

murti iki (GERMANY)

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Okey, I checked the boot message from minicom again and


indeed it says ext2 format more than once. So sorry to bother you with this issue


Yet I am wondering is there a particular issue to name the folder where the root file system structure is placed


"romfs". Frankly the first thing that comes to my mind was that the filesystem used was romfs.








2008-07-25 11:43:26     Re: romfs and /dev

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the default behavior is for people to use it as a romfs because changes to it are not retained after a reboot