2008-09-23 08:34:07     bfin_ppi driver for BF561

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2008-09-23 08:34:07     bfin_ppi driver for BF561

Stephen Sheldon (GERMANY)

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I found a PPI driver for BF56. It works fine on uClinux-dist-2007R1.1-RC3.


For a few month I had to update uClinux to 2008R1-RC8 because of several reasons. Since today, I haven't needed the PPI driver anymore. But now I need it again. And unfortunately the driver doesn't compile anymore. With some few changes it compiles. But the device is missing in the /dev folder. Even though I get the outputs from the initialization of the driver.




timer_initialize: module loaded

PPI: initializing interface 0 at base 0xffc01000     <-----

PPI: initializing interface 1 at base 0xffc01300     <------

PPI: PPI-EKC Driver INIT IRQ:23                            <-----

Serial: Blackfin serial driver

bfin-uart.1: ttyBF0 at MMIO 0xffc00400 (irq = 35) is a BFIN-UART                                                                         




The attached files are the driver sources, with the few changes, that they compile with the new version of uClinux.


I have no idea why the device is not in the /dev folder. I hope you can help me. It is very urgently.




Best regards









2008-09-23 12:13:04     Re: bfin_ppi driver for BF561

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you can compare your driver to the one in svn to see how it differs during init


otherwise, get the LDD3 book and read about character devices




2008-09-23 12:33:13     Re: bfin_ppi driver for BF561

Jean-Francois Argentino (FRANCE)

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[QUOTE]but the device is missing in the /dev folder[/QUOTE]


I'm far to be sure, but I think that udev need a MAJOR equal to 0, if you want to keep the major as it is in your driver, create the device by adding it to the dev_table_min.txt




2008-09-23 13:41:09     Re: bfin_ppi driver for BF561

Stephen Sheldon (GERMANY)

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Thanks for help,




I fixed some problems. Now the device is in the /dev folder. But I still have some errors/bugs. When I have fixed those, I will add the code in this thread.




2008-09-29 09:15:55     Re: bfin_ppi driver for BF561

Pranay Upadhyay (INDIA)

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Hello Stephen,


   I am facing the same problem.The ppi driver which is working properly in 2007 is not worked in the 2008.If you find the solution then please guide me.


              I am trying video in-out through the ppi driver in BF 561 EZ-KIT.




Thanks & Regards