2008-09-17 14:21:02     USB Driver Chip Support

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2008-09-17 14:21:02     USB Driver Chip Support

ian davidson (UNITED KINGDOM)

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We are designing a new board which needs a USB device, and are considering an ISP1760 device.


I have looked through the 2008 R1 kernel drivers and found ".c" files for ISP1362-hcd and ISP116x-hcd ; a  header file for the ISP1761; but nothing for the ISP1760.


Does this mean that it is not supported?


We have not comitted the design yet, should we change  the USB device to a 1362 or 116x or 1761 ?


Would it be straightforward to change the existring drivers to work on a 1760 device?


Many thanks,


Ian Davidson






2008-09-17 19:30:38     Re: USB Driver Chip Support


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I thought the driver worked for both (1760 & 1761) but I will need to double check the hardware in my office in the morning.






2008-09-18 03:35:07     Re: USB Driver Chip Support

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

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In reality we only support the ISP1760 (3 Host Ports)

The USB DEVICE code was never really ported.


The existing ISP1761 driver works with the ISP1760 as well as for the ISP1761 with a 3 HOST Part configuration.


There was a new ISP1760 driver mainlined in Linux-2.6.26.

We're planning to replace the existing driver with the mainlined driver.

This will happen in our next release.


Please note this and the old driver is not going to support ISO endpoints.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,






2008-09-18 05:59:19     Re: USB Driver Chip Support

ian davidson (UNITED KINGDOM)

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Robin & Michael,




Thank you for your replies.


So the 1760 is only partially supported at the moment, but will be fully supported in the next release.


So what can I not do with the current code and a 1760?


Will some features of it not be accessable?


Any idease when the next release will be?


Many thanks,