2008-09-12 09:07:28     uImage size

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2008-09-12 09:07:28     uImage size

David Waterhouse (UNITED STATES)

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I recently added a USB Add-On card to my BF537 Stamp board.  The configuration instructions say that Asynchronous Memory Bank 3 of the Stamp card must be removed (using SW6.4), so I understand that leaves a usable flash memory range of 0x20020000 through 0x202fffff (3014656 bytes) available for uImage.


After building the uClinux kernel (2008R1) with all the drivers needed by the USB card, the size of my uImage file is 3791943 bytes making it 777287 bytes too big for the flash memory area.


I looked at trying to remove unneeded library files from the romfs/lib directory, as suggested by the FAQ, but didn't find any.


What is the best thing to do at this point?












2008-09-12 10:30:33     Re: uImage size

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the faq also shows you how to find the largest files in the romfs.  start removing applications you dont actually need.


if that isnt enough, then try switching file formats to see if you get a big size difference.


if you still need all the space, then you can try using rootfs over NFS.