2008-09-11 00:51:18     uclinux on bf531

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2008-09-11 00:51:18     uclinux on bf531

liang wang (CHINA)

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Why  ADI  do not provided uclinux on bf531?Can any one provide to me ?? I want to transplant the BF533-uclinux on it . Can somebody tell me how to modify??




2008-09-11 03:00:01     Re: uclinux on bf531

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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what are you talking about ?  Linux runs perfectly fine on a BF531.  please read the documentation:





2008-09-11 06:30:14     Re: uclinux on bf531

liang wang (CHINA)

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Mike ,Thank you !


when i make menuconfig ,I don't see bf531 in the cpu type,just 533 527 and so on.


I see In that page which describe :" Although the following specific platforms are used to test the Blackfin/uClinux dist, it should be possible to use the uClinux-dist on any robust Blackfin platform, with some minor changes. "




HOW  to change?Which files  should  I have to change in the bf533 EZkit uclinux dist?




2008-09-11 08:01:11     Re: uclinux on bf531


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were are you looking in menuconfig? I see:


( ) BF531

( ) BF532

( ) BF533

( ) BF534

( ) BF536

(X) BF537


( ) BF542

( ) BF544

( ) BF547

( ) BF548

( ) BF549

( ) BF561


531 is in the list.




2008-09-11 08:30:02     Re: uclinux on bf531

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please search the wiki when you have questions.  there are documents that tell you how to port the kernel to your specific platform.