2008-08-19 22:45:34     BF536 Kernel Panic

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2008-08-19 22:45:34     BF536 Kernel Panic

Harvey Sugar (UNITED STATES)

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When uClinux is built for the BF536 processor it panics.  I've tried this on my own BF536 based board and on the BF537-EZKIT.  The BF536 build should work on the BF537 because the only difference is that the BF536 has less SRAM.  Are there any other configuration changes I need to do to run uClinux on the BF536?


The console output for the boot up and panic is attached.








2008-08-19 22:54:43     Re: BF536 Kernel Panic

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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make sure you disabled L1 support in the MAC driver