2008-07-08 06:26:04     Support for file operations in CoreB

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2008-07-08 06:26:04     Support for file operations in CoreB

pavithra D (INDIA)

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Hello Mike,


        I am pavithra.I am trying to compile and build jpeg application with coreb for BF561 in uclinux2007R1-RC3 environment using toolchain-4.1.


        I am able to link with coreb libraries for string operations but when i try with file operations like fopen() i am getting the warnings which are mentioned in the jpg.txt attached here with this mail,so not able to get the executable.Could you please suggest me how can i link my c application with the functions declared in stdio.h.


     One more thing, will it be possible to access sdram memory from coreb for extra memory support.


Thanks and Regards,








2008-07-08 08:09:12     Re: Support for file operations in CoreB


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You can not do file operations on CoreB 561 - if you want/need to do that sort of things - you are better off using the SMP like kernel, which allows Linux applications to live on both cores.






2008-07-15 03:31:59     Re: Support for file operations in CoreB

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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as Robin said, core b is a no operating system environment.  that means you cannot safely access things that the Linux operating system is providing (such as file system operations).  you can try to create your own message passing system so that an application on core a processes requests for core b (such as opening/reading/writing files), but core b will never be able to do it itself.