2008-07-10 01:48:36     using gnICE

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2008-07-10 01:48:36     using gnICE

Benix Jacob (INDIA)

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       We are newbie developers on BF537 platform. We are using uclinux on BF537 EzKitlite. For few reasons we cannot migrate to BF537 stamp board. We want to use uclinux to develop our applications. First we developed our appliation and compiled using bfin-gcc toolchain and debugged through gdb-server. Our application worked well in that mode. Now we are using gnICE emulator from Analog Devices Inc connected through JTAG port. We are now using the same bfin-gcc toolchain to compile and debug. Now the code get compiled but not getting loaded into the instruction memory of BF537. It gets loaded into different destinations( sometimes into flash, sdram etc..) at different times. How to dump the code into the code memory and debug?


we are doubtful whether the code is getting loaded into the BF processor or not !!




2008-07-10 02:53:18     Re: using gnICE


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I am not sure why you have to use JTAG to load your program and execute it, if using uclinux.


In Linux, the steps to build and run your program looks like:


1. On the host, build your program using bfin-uclinux-gcc or bfin-linux-uclibc-gcc. (bfin-elf-gcc is used to build standalone application (i.e, applicaiton not running in linux)


2. Boot linux on your board (via uboot)


3. When kernel booted, download your program to the filesystem of Linux (via ethernet, serial, etc).


4. Run  you program


please refer to:




To debug, you have many choise:


1. gdb/gdbproxy/jtag


2. gdb/gdbserver/ethernet


3. gdb/gdbserver/serial




please refer to:




please read/search our wiki to get started.




2008-07-10 04:47:55     Re: using gnICE

Benix Samuel (INDIA)

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HI Li,


           I am a developer, want to develop an application. As you said I have done the following


  1. compiled my code using bfin-uclinux-gcc


  2. Booted ulinux thru uboot in my blackfin board


3. loaded my code into blackfin thru ethernet


4. Finally when I was trying to debug using gdbproxy/jtag (gnICE), could n't debug the code. when I step in the execution, the results are not reflected in the registers when i use info registers. What may be the reasons?. I am sure that execution is not happening in my code.






2008-07-10 09:12:24     Re: using gnICE


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You can not use JTAG to debug Linux applications. JTAG is used for debug the Linux kernel.


To debug Linux applications, use gdbserver over ethernet.






2008-07-10 12:17:52     Re: using gnICE

Benix Samuel (INDIA)

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Thank you Robertz.