2008-07-09 02:13:02     support for file operations in coreB

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2008-07-09 02:13:02     support for file operations in coreB

pavithra D (INDIA)

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   Hi Mike,


            I am Pavithra. I am able to build executables for C applications in Coreb which contains string operations like strcpy(),bu when i use the functions declared in stdio.h like fopen(),printf() i am getting warnings as mentioned in the jpg.txt attached here.


I want to know ,do we get libc.a as the binary of newlib source,because i am trying to link my application with libc.a.


Actually i am trying to compile jpeg application in coreB.


For this i am using dual core communication mechanism .


Will it be possible to access sdram memory in coreB .I am trying to pass jpeg file from corea to coreb by reading file into some buffer and copying it into coreb.In coreb i am trying to do jpeg to rgb conversion and copying  that converted file to L2 memory which has shared between coreB and coreA.


Will this process works on coreB.Or any other changes i need to do.Please guide me in this.






Thanks and Regards,












2008-07-09 03:44:50     Re: support for file operations in coreB


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Robin has answered this question. Please don't ask the same question again.