2008-07-03 00:17:37     Some problem about sound card driver

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2008-07-03 00:17:37     Some problem about sound card driver

Zhi Qiang Zhang (CHINA)

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I am using the TI PCM1742 as the DAC, and made two drivers for it, one is based on sound/soc/codecs/wm8731.c and sound/soc/blackfin/bf5xx-wm8731.c, another is based on sound/blackfin/ad73311.c.


That wm8731 based driver can't work after the version SVN 4696, so I built another one based on ad73311, it can work on the most updated version, but got some problems,


1. The sound has some noise when repeatly run the mp3player program to play a MP3 file.


     run mp3player to play a MP3 file for several seconds then CTRL+C to break, and run again, repeat that 2 steps for several times the sound must has some noise.




My PCM1742 drivers runs in slave mode that BFIN generate the timing for I2S while AD73311 runs in master mode that AD73311 generates the timing.




Is there somebody made a sound driver running properly in slave mode?












2008-07-03 01:21:20     Re: Some problem about sound card driver

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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The sound codec  TI PCM1742  you use is not a codec that the blackfin uClinux project supports. We have no idea what is the problem on this codec. Could you replicate you issue on any of the following codec?


AD1980, AD1836, SSM2602, AD73311 and AD73322.


You may modify these driver to run in slave mode.