2008-07-01 00:53:44     kernel sleep in video in-out

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2008-07-01 00:53:44     kernel sleep in video in-out

Pranay Upadhyay (INDIA)

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Hello sir,


   I am not understanding that how video in-out is possible on BF 561Ez-kit using uClinux.I am struggling for this from six months.I have write the ppi0 driver for video in and ppi1 driver for video out. As told you I stuck on the integration of two driver.


          When we want real time video in-out then after sending one frame , the kernel sleep on the function wait_event_interruptible. So for this I have use another function wait_event_interruptible_timeout then I am getting the interrupt but there is no video data and nothing is displaying on the screen.If you need then where is the problem I can explain in detatil.If you are getting my question , can you give me some idea about this.If you want drivers and appplication code  then I will attatch in next forum.if some correction will be there then please do.Please reply.


-Thanks &Regards