2008-06-30 01:31:06     Regarding microSD

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2008-06-30 01:31:06     Regarding microSD

V Hemanth Kumar (INDIA)

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The distribution & http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/ online document says MMC & SD cards work fine.


As we know that mmc & microSD differ in the pins, initialization sequence, internal registers, command/response format.


So does the microSD card works fine with the available MMC/SD card drivers?


or Does it require changes or seperate driver to be developed?




Hemanth Kumar.V







2008-06-30 03:13:53     Re: Regarding microSD


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Do you mean the SPI-MMC driver or BF54x SD host driver? AFAIK, we did't test microSD using these two drivers.




2008-06-30 05:34:52     Re: Regarding microSD

V Hemanth Kumar (INDIA)

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Thanks for the response Yi Li.


I was referring to SPI-MMC driver.


We are using the BF527EZ Kit & planning to test the microSD.


So is it possible to provide a microSD slot on the expansion interface of the Ezkit?







2008-06-30 06:03:30     Re: Regarding microSD

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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we've never tested the SD slot on the bf527 ezkit




2008-06-30 10:01:43     Re: Regarding microSD

V Hemanth Kumar (INDIA)

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Hi Mike,


In the BF527 EZKit board I could not figure out the SD slot, and in the "BF527 EZKIT Lite System Manual" nothing is mentioned about the SD slot.


So my question below is(could be weird one, but please bear with me):-


1. Can we interface/connect the microSD slot to the EZKIT's expansion interface (with help of our Hardware engineers)?


What I mean is, there is a SPI connector (P9) interface, so can we connect the microSD slot to this connector?


2. Based on your yes or no response, further clarifications will help us.






2008-06-30 10:56:52     Re: Regarding microSD

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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it seems the SD slot has been dropped ... my newer boards dont have it at all


i cant tell you a thing about the physical aspects of it since there is no documentation ... better you just pretend it isnt there


the BF52x has no SD host controller (unlike the BF54x), so if you want to control a SD, you should look at the SD/MMC/SPI examples