2008-06-28 15:18:58     Unmount Issue

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2008-06-28 15:18:58     Unmount Issue

David Kasper (UNITED STATES)

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Does anybody know how I can fix lockup of the shell when "umount /dev/hda1" is performed for the following scenario (note other system shells/my app are stable and no core dumps or etc. are created):


  >> 2007 kernel configured for 10MB page cache


  >> BF data cache is disabled


  >> Data being saved to CompactFlash


  >> Application saves 20 files that are 5MB (note sync is performed after each file close); at this point 100MB has been saved


Note everything works fine if the number of files saved is 15 or less.  However, once I reach 20 then I experience this issue.  During reboot "e2fsck -p" detects an unclean un-mount, forces a check and no errors are reported.


>>> I was going to hack this by increasing the page cache (to 20MB) and seeing what happens.  However, does anybody know if this is the correct direction to proceed, can explain the root cause or other ideas.




David Kasper




2008-06-29 10:30:54     Re: Unmount Issue

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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it probably isnt the shell hanging, it's the umount process.  i imagine if you append '&' to the command, your shell will continue to work just fine.


if umount is hanging, then it means it's a driver/hardware issue.  you'd have to enable some IDE debugging to find out where it's hanging since there isnt a way to trace into the kernel itself.