2008-06-19 12:39:44     network interface

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2008-06-19 12:39:44     network interface

Tinku Jose (INDIA)

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In one of the projects using BF533 we are having ethernet and WiFi interface. But at a given time only one interface need to be active. Both ethernet and WiFi is as loadable modules.


One of the requirement is to have both the interface enabled as eth0 (one at a time) ie while ethernet is active it should be eth0 and Wifi will not be active and vice versa.


when we try to enable ethernet first (insmod of ethernet module) and then unload the module (rmmod) and then bring up WiFi, the Wifi interface is coming up as eth1.


Is it possible to have the WiFi also come up with eth0.


how can i unload the eth0 so that the next network initialization comes up with eth0 itself.








2008-06-26 04:06:27     Re: network interface

Tinku Jose (INDIA)

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Hi All,


Just as solution to the query above.


This was resolved once the unregister_netdev function was properly called from the module_exit function.


With unregister_netdev done properly in driver, both of these comes with eth0 if we try to enable one at a time.


In normal builtin build (instead of loadable module) the remove was not called because the devices will never be detached from the system and the remove function was not completly tested in the implementation we were using.