2008-06-10 04:50:11     BF548 and 3rd SPI bus

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2008-06-10 04:50:11     BF548 and 3rd SPI bus

roger froysaa (NORWAY)

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The BF548 has 3 SPI buses according to the docs, but from what I can see only SPI0/1 are currently supported in (SVN) uClinux board configs for the 548 ezkit and cm-bf548.


Is there a particular reason for this? It seems like register defines etc for SPI bus 2 are in the header files. Could I just define the missing bfin5xx_spi_master, platform_device, and resource structs in the board config file and expect it to work?


The reason I'm asking is that the new DEV-BF548-Lite from Bluetechnix is pin compatible with the old EVAL-BF5xx's SPI pins, but it's the SPI2 bus that is used. SPI bus 0/1 are on a new connector on the DEV-BF548-Lite and thus not accessible to my addon board which I would like to reuse with the 548.








2008-06-10 05:34:40     Re: BF548 and 3rd SPI bus

Bryan Wu (CHINA)

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BF548-EZKIT does not expand the SPI2 bus controller, so we just provide SPI0 and SPI1 platform resources.


If you want to use SPI2, please creat a new board fils based on arch/blackfin/mach-bf548/boards/ezkit.c.


Then you can add SPI0, SPI1 and SPI2 platform resources to the board file as you request here.