2008-06-04 08:23:04     cache thrashing on interrupt

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2008-06-04 08:23:04     cache thrashing on interrupt

Peterson Deck (ARGENTINA)

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I have a driver with a 1 ms interrupt to read the codec's sample.


I would like to know if it happen the I-cache thrashing each interrupt? why this happen?


Is there any way to avoid this? like moving all the code to L1?








2008-06-04 09:46:29     Re: cache thrashing on interrupt


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Linux is a multi-task system, the interrupt handler may be replaced from cache with code in other execution path. Put the code in L1 may help. In kernel configuration, you can configure the kernel to put frequently called code (like common interrupt entry)  to L1. You may also put your own code to L1, see: http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=using_l1_memory.