2008-05-31 04:02:40     AD7877 touchscreen in landscape mode

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2008-05-31 04:02:40     AD7877 touchscreen in landscape mode

Giulio Mazzoleni (ITALY)

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Hi folks,


I really appreciate what you are doing.




I just managed to configure the ad7877 touchscreen driver for the sharp lq035 lcd.


Used nano-x and flnx library. Wonderful!


Thanks to Andreas Schroeder for pointing out the /DAV line problem when the CS line is inactive. It worked great for me!


I'm using uClinux dist 2007R1.1-RC3, but borrowed microwin from release 2008R1-RC8 to get support for the touchscreen.




When running the lcd in portrait mode everything works as expected.


When I switch to landscape mode I can succesfully run the nxcal program to calibrate the touchscreen and it correctly creates the nxcal.dat file, but the pen movements are misunderstood. The behaviour is evident when loading the nxeyes program, where eyes are watching in the wrong direction.




Where can I start to debug the problem?


Is nxcal supposed to handle every kind of configuration? portrait/landcape and flipped/not flipped?




Any hint is appreciated.


Many thanks for your time.




Giulio Mazzoleni




2008-06-01 21:28:51     Re: AD7877 touchscreen in landscape mode


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When I am using BF548 Ezkit or BF537 STAMP to test nano-x with touchscreen, it works well using landscape mode. You may need to firstly make sure the touch screen driver works well, then debug nanox. Another option is using tslib with nano-x. Please refer to: http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=ad7877_touchscreen_input_device_driver#nanox_with_tslib.


The related code has been checked into nano-x on both 2008r1 branch and trunk.




2008-06-02 05:21:52     Re: AD7877 touchscreen in landscape mode

Giulio Mazzoleni (ITALY)

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Thanks. Glad to know it should work!


I'll double check my settings and try with tslib (I only used the ts_calibrate utility, but I've not tried yet with nano-x because I couldn't find the tslibmouse entry in the 2008r1 config file). I'll possibly check the trunk version.


By the way.. Do the kernel config options CONFIG_INPUT_TSDEV_SCREEN_X and CONFIG_INPUT_TSDEV_SCREEN_Y really matter?


Many thanks for the tips.






2008-06-02 06:34:44     Re: AD7877 touchscreen in landscape mode


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Yes, the nano-x tslib driver is only on trunk, please see microwin/src/drivers/mou_tslib.c. I did not use the tsdev driver before. I think you have configure it as bellow, but it does not work?


"  <*>   Touchscreen interface

  (320)   Horizontal screen resolution

  (240)   Vertical screen resolution"






2008-06-02 09:06:35     Re: AD7877 touchscreen in landscape mode

Giulio Mazzoleni (ITALY)

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Yes, that's what I exactly did.


- configured touchscreen interface in landscape mode


- configured lcd driver in landscape mode


- enabled nano-x ad7877 mouse driver


- launched nxcal to calibrate touchscreen


But i still get wrong mouse movements.




I'll need to go a bit deeper to see if I missed something.


And still need to try with the trunk version and the tslib interface.




Thanks for your interest.