2008-05-28 09:23:44     SPORT emulate UART on BF561

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2008-05-28 09:23:44     SPORT emulate UART on BF561

Aparna Dutta (INDIA)

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I am trying to use SPORT0 on BF561 as a UART. I followed the instructions in




to enable sport -emulation -of- UART and built the kernel.


I am using 2007R1 release of the uClinux distribution, but I have updated the bfin_sport_uart.c from 2008R1 for the latest bug-fixes.


Now when I try to test the sport-uart by


echo "Hello" > /dev/ttySS0,  I get '/dev/ttySS0 : Cannot create'


If I try to open this device from an application , I get the error 'Failed to open /dev/ttySS0: No such device or address'


I also found that the probe function of this driver is not being called.  Does this mean that the device has not been properly installed ? If so, then how do I make sure that the probe functon gets called correctly?










2008-05-28 11:56:14     Re: SPORT emulate UART on BF561

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you probably dont have any resources declared in the ezkit board resources file


please read: