2008-05-27 09:04:31     SPORT TO UART Emulation

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2008-05-27 09:04:31     SPORT TO UART Emulation

vijaya joseph (INDIA)

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We are using BF561 based embedded hardware.


Our hardware has GPRS modem which is connected to Blackfin via SPORT and we have to use SPORT to UART emaualtion drivers.


Can you please let me know how to enable SPORT to UART emualtion drivers in uClinux?


Also I would like to know to change the (Point  To Point )PPP module to send data to SPORT not to UART.


Means how to select the SPORT interface for Modem communication?


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2008-05-28 03:12:42     Re: SPORT TO UART Emulation

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please search the forums and documentation:



although we havent tested this on the BF561-EZKIT ...


as for PPP, it doesnt care what the underlying hardware is ... as long as it is exposed as a standard TTY device