2008-05-23 07:42:45     cli() and sti() functions in linux krnel

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2008-05-23 07:42:45     cli() and sti() functions in linux krnel

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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Can we use cli() for clearing theinterrupts and sti() for storing interrupts in the linux kernel.


or is there any functions which are equivalent to the above.


Thanks and Regards,Sreedhar.




2008-05-23 08:37:11     Re: cli() and sti() functions in linux krnel

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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to answer your specific question, there are local and spinlock versions which save/restore the irq flags which you should be using ... the functions can be found in interrupt.h or spinlock.h.  anything marked "deprecated" (like cli/sti) certainly should not be used.


however, you really should read a book on the topic ... there are plenty of good (and some free) to be found:



people often turn off interrupts instead of using proper locking mechanisms to protect "critical" sections in their drivers.  that is a path to destruction, wasted debug time, an unresponsive/crappy system, and many other terrible things.  i'm not saying you're doing it for this reason, just that it is a likely scenario which you should be avoiding.