2008-05-18 14:12:11     WIFI on Blackfin BF548 - Report and Questions

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2008-05-18 14:12:11     WIFI on Blackfin BF548 - Report and Questions


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I am working on a project to put a Blackfin linux imaging system with WIFI on a Micro UAV.




  This is what I have learned about WIFI and Blackfin:

<br style="font-weight: bold;" /> BF548 Rocks


   The BF548 is probably the way to go because it supports multiple SDIO ports. SDIO is better than SPI because: (a) 4 bits wide instead of 1, (b) It supports bidirectional DMA (c) There are multiple SDIO ports, so one can be for the WIFI and one for a flash disk, eliminating a serious sharing problem. (d) Robin said


SPI != SDIO<br style="font-style: italic;" /> <br style="font-style: italic;" /> SPI will stink. SDIO should be OK<br style="font-style: italic;" />

  The BF537 has an embedded Ethernet mac, which the 548 doesn't, but if you are running an SDIO Ethernet stack it doesn't matter. Also, the Bf537 needs an external PHY, and the BF548 EZ-Kit has a combination, one chip, external MAC and PHY so chip count is same even you want 100BaseT.


  I am working on a Cadsoft/Eagle library for the BF548 and EZKit components. If anyone has already done it (or wants a copy of my non guaranteed effort) let me know.


  Are there any tricks/issues with BF548 and uclinux?

<br style="font-weight: bold;" /> Marvell Linux for User Group and Embedded Works SDIO WIFI


  There is a user group dedicated to linux on the Marvell chip.





This chip is found in multiple modules, such as from www.wi2wi.com and




     Nick Moszer of Packet Digital is trying to get the above Embedded Works product to work with a BF548 EZKit.  He is running into some problems. Apparently,  the Blackfin 548 SDIO interface has some issues with padding and alignment, and Nick had to modify the driver to send packets with powers of 2 size.


Nick is still working on it, and I would really like to see that work because it is small, inexpensive, and they even have an SD card format product.


<br style="font-weight: bold;" /> wi2wi.com Marvell Package


Another company, www.wi2wi.com , also has a Marvell based package. I have been in contact with the very helpful people there. However, I could find no one working on Blackfin linux.



connectblue wifi


In a previous thread, Antonia Pasini said he was working on it:






  There is also supposed to be a dev board with ConnectBlue and Blackfin, but I don't know about uclinux support:






  Anyone making progress with ConnectBlue wifi on the Blackfin?


<br style="font-weight: bold;" /> Quatech Blackfin Support





  Quatech (DPAC division) has a new product supporting SDIO and the BF548 EZ-Kit. It will be available in a couple of weeks. They say they are working with Analog and it will support uclinux. This implies someone has tested it with a BF548 and uclinux. That would be great. This is a little bigger than the EmbeddedWorks module. Is someone within the community already testing this?



Atheros Linux


  Atheros is another WIFI chipset with linux support. EmbeddedWorks is coming out with a tiny module with a built in antenna connector based on this chipset. Has anyone ported Atheros linux wifi to the Blackfin?

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2008-05-19 10:32:10     Re: WIFI on Blackfin BF548 - Report and Questions


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We have not picked up the 802.11 support on the 548 yet - we are working on some other things first.


Our first 802.11 will likely be on USB, not SDIO (which would come 2nd).


As for the Quatech comment - They may be working with ADI, but I don't have any of their modules, and no one on this side is working on things yet.






2008-05-19 19:50:39     Re: WIFI on Blackfin BF548 - Report and Questions

Kris Dickie (CANADA)

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Along with Tom, I would love to see an 802.11 driver on SDIO, as that is the direction our custom board is headed as well. Looking at the Spectec SDW-823 model (SD-micro).




2008-05-20 10:51:02     Re: WIFI on Blackfin BF548 - Report and Questions


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W/ regards to Atheros, this post should be helpful:






As far as I can tell, he still hasn't posted those drivers to their SVN.