2008-05-12 00:43:02     error opening PPI device in BF561 ezkit lite

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2008-05-12 00:43:02     error opening PPI device in BF561 ezkit lite

kanal kannan (INDIA)

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Hi All,




I'm unable to open the PPI0 device present in BF561 ezkit lite under the 2008R1-RC8 distribution. The same ppi driver code works fine with the 2007R1-RC3 distribution. I'm getting the following error whenever i'm opening the PPI0 device. I've checked in the devices & Interrupts registry of the distribution.


Distribution: 2008R1-RC8


kit: ADSP BF561 ezkit lite


Here is the following output that i've observed under 2008R1-RC8:


root:/bin> cat /proc/interrupts

  6:       2474   BFIN Timer Tick

18:          0   PPI0

35:          0   BFIN_UART_RX

36:       3704   BFIN_UART_TX

62:          0   Core B - DMA Destination

Err:          0


root:/bin> cat /proc/devices

Character devices:

  1 mem

  5 /dev/tty

  5 /dev/console

  5 /dev/ptmx

10 misc

128 ptm

136 pts

204 ttyBF

248 PPI0

250 scmd_basic


Block devices:

  1 ramdisk

31 mtdblock










error opening device. fd1=-1


Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.




with regards








2008-05-12 05:59:58     Re: error opening PPI device in BF561 ezkit lite

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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showing us custom error message from a custom application isnt really useful, especially when the error message contains no information


run it through strace to find out why exactly the open() call is failing