2008-05-03 02:26:01     sport emulate uart

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2008-05-03 02:26:01     sport emulate uart

Dong Bo (CHINA)

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Hi guys


i am a newbie of blackfin :-), now i just make a based bf533's board, with 2 Ethernet ports, one SD/MMC, one USB port, and everything working ok.


the default bf533 just have one uart port, but for my appliance i need 3 uart ports, so, i am try sport_uart.c program, but always not get it working :-(.




root:~> modprobe bfin_sport_uart

root:~> cat /proc/tty/driver/SPORT-UART

serinfo:1.0 driver revision:

root:~> cat /dev/ttySS0

cat: /dev/ttySS0: No such device or address

root:~> cat /dev/ttySS1

cat: /dev/ttySS1: No such device or address

root:~> lsmod

Module                  Size  Used by

bfin_sport_uart         3828  0


root:-> uname -a


Linux blue #1 Fri May 2 21:34:23 CST 2008 blackfin




my board working at 500MHZ with 125MHZ bus,  should i to change bfin_sport_uart.h register define for my board's SCLK ?


or any guy have multi uart ports solution for BF533?






2008-05-03 04:36:44     Re: sport emulate uart

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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if you're a newbie, it means you're just getting started, so why are you using 2007R1.1 ?  you should be using the 2008R1 release.


there is no board-specific information in the header file you mentioned, so i dont understand what exactly you'd be changing


if the device node is not being created automatically, you have a problem in the kernel.  please consult the documentation:





2008-05-03 07:12:03     Re: sport emulate uart

Dong Bo (CHINA)

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thanks for your reply, my appliance program working on 2007r1, but i will try forward to 2008r1.


and another question for hardware, before i try that program, should i follow http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=sport_uart to short the RFSx and DRx? or i can directly try that program(not short the RFSx and DRx)?




2008-05-03 07:38:49     Re: sport emulate uart

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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presumably the short isnt there just for fun, but i'm not a hardware guy so i cant say for sure




2008-05-03 07:48:14     Re: sport emulate uart

Dong Bo (CHINA)

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thanks Mike.


does any guys have some experience on that, thank you ;-)




2008-05-03 14:32:36     Re: sport emulate uart

Terry Markovich (UNITED STATES)

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The RFSx pin must be connected to the DRx pin, see app note EE-191 for more info.




2008-05-04 09:01:13     Re: sport emulate uart


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Mike & Terry are correct - the schematics and directions are not in the wiki for fun  - if you don't do it that way, and it doesn't work, don't complain here


As Terry indicated - the EE note that this is based from is also referenced in the wiki - it has a little more detail than we do.