2008-04-30 12:09:41     Syslog() configuration

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2008-04-30 12:09:41     Syslog() configuration

ian davidson (UNITED KINGDOM)

Message: 55304    Sylog configuration.

I would like to use syslog() to log events on our target system.

I would also like the syslog message file to be stored in the flash file system, so that

messages are not lost after a power cycle.

I can do this using syslogd -O <file>

However, I do not want to the message file to fill up the flash and would like to limit

the size, either in bytes or number of messages, of the syslog message file.

Is there any way to do this?

How can I stop the syslogd? or do I just restart it?

There is no syslog.conf file on the system.


Ian Davidson




2008-04-30 12:58:24     Re: Syslog() configuration

blue hash (UNITED STATES)

Message: 55306    I have never tried it, but there are  options in the BUSYBOX config


  │ │                                  [*]  syslogd                                                                                                    │ │

  │ │                                  [ ]    Rotate message files                                                                                     │ │

  │ │                                  [ ]    Remote Log support                                                                                       │ │

  │ │                                  [*]    Circular Buffer support                                                                                  │ │

  │ │                                  (16)        Circular buffer size in Kbytes (minimum 4KB) (NEW)




2008-05-01 09:37:54     Re: Syslog() configuration

ian davidson (UNITED KINGDOM)

Message: 55346   


Thanks for your reply, I would never have found it otherwise.


I do get these options in the 2008R1 release, however we are still using (not for much longer) the 2006R2 release, whcih doesn't have these. Instead it has




       syslog -R


       syslog -C


        rotate log files




I could guess that -C was circular buffer, but it may not be.




Any ideas?