2008-04-29 10:36:59     bf537/bf536 watchdog during boot

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2008-04-29 10:36:59     bf537/bf536 watchdog during boot

Manolo van Ee (NETHERLANDS)

Message: 55229    Hi,


I'd like to have the watchdog enabled during booting uClinux.

I enable the watchdog from u-boot, but I found out that the first thing uClinux does is disabling it in arch/blackfin/mach-bf537/head.S.


So I can easily fix it by removing this code, but I'm wondering what the reason is to disable it from head.S. Could it cause any problems to have the watchdog running during boot?







2008-04-29 18:51:49     Re: bf537/bf536 watchdog during boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 55250    the watchdog timing policy is a board issue.  it gets disabled in head because there's no sane way to program the watchdog timing that early (since the # is based on SCLK), and we dont know if the timeout was reset just before executing the kernel.


please refer to this document:


you can create your own little function in your board file and put it into the appropriate level to program the watchdog however you want