2008-04-28 05:09:16     about image

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2008-04-28 05:09:16     about image

sj tian (CHINA)

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how to add a driver module into kernel iamge?


I write a driver module and a applycation, Buring debugging,  I download now  driver module and a applycation throuygh ethernet after kernel image running.  Now debugging is  finished , I want to add them into kernel , after kernel image running, my application can auto-run.


I know how to add application into image, but  didi not  know  how to add a driver module into kernel iamge?


PLS give me some hints. Thanks!




2008-04-28 05:22:20     Re: about image

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 55109    adding a kernel module to uclinux-dist uses the same method as adding an application


you can also refer to the examples that already exist in user/blkfin-test/ (such as the string or mmap or twi tests)