2008-04-27 21:45:24     how to g.729?

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2008-04-27 21:45:24     how to g.729?

kan kan (CHINA)

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   Is there any g.729 code under blackfin for free?If not ,how to get a license?By the way,i see some g.723.1 code upder asterisk/codecs/,but compile error.Dose the g.723.1 can be use?






2008-04-27 22:40:07     Re: how to g.729?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 55077    you will not get any licensing questions addressed here as there are no lawyers here.  if you have a licensing question, contact your local FAE.


you can find g729 code in libbfgdots.