2008-04-25 04:49:53     Secure Flash in U-boot

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2008-04-25 04:49:53     Secure Flash in U-boot

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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Custom board I have has ST Micro secure flash.


I am able to write the u-boot.bin into the Flash memory and boot succesfully.


uisng program command.


But when i try


set serverip

set ipaddr

set ethaddr 00:15:52:CE:CD:CE




I get a flash erase error at offset 0x20000


and when i reset the board and boot again, the saved settings are gone.


I think the flash driver is the problem, can anyone help me how to enable the secure flash driver in u-boot.


Best Regards,Sreedhar.




2008-04-25 06:37:23     Re: Secure Flash in U-boot

blue hash (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54951    Sreedhar,

Try issuing the flinfo command in u-boot. You will get information about the flash.




2008-04-26 17:40:23     Re: Secure Flash in U-boot


Message: 55029    Sreedhar:


I think you are having problem with U-Boot, not the uClinux-dist?


Asking your question in the right place is more likely to get an answer.