2008-04-25 04:13:53     NAND notBusy for BF-54x

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2008-04-25 04:13:53     NAND notBusy for BF-54x

Norbert van Bolhuis (NETHERLANDS)

Message: 54926    http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=blackfin_nand_flash_mtd_driver&s[]=nand


mentions not to use Blackfin's ARDY (but a GPIO_PFx)

I'm sure this goes for the BF-53x which do not have the on-board

NAND Flash Controller (NFC).


For BF-54x a NAND chip can simply be connected to the NFC and thus to

the NFC_NANDRB without any problems.

The uClinux NFC driver () requires no changes/adaptations then.


I this right ?




2008-04-25 05:06:53     Re: NAND notBusy for BF-54x

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

Message: 54944   

Exactly - the page you are referring to talks about connecting NAND flashes without dedicated NFC.

On BF548 and BF527 you would use the NFC.

For a example connection see the BF548 EZkit Manual Schematics.