2008-04-17 00:51:02     ppi driver

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2008-04-17 00:51:02     ppi driver

Pranay Upadhyay (INDIA)

Message: 54378    Hello all,


        I have change in the code of ppi driver for use for video output.Through the running of application code , They print that ppi open success but not getting any thing on the screen.Where should be problem ? I am not able to findout. I wan to debug the program throug the kgdb , but I am not success.One problem is also coming in my mind that in code there is nothing for the ADV7179  encoder and what should be the frame size? As I know for NTSC entire field frame size will be-858x525. Any  body have any idea which give me some information about this then  please reply.If need code then I will attatch.


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2008-04-17 05:38:44     Re: ppi driver


Message: 54404    "I wan to debug the program throug the kgdb , but I am not success"


What is the error with kgdb?