2008-04-13 21:31:41     get pendown state

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2008-04-13 21:31:41     get pendown state


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In my ads7843 touch  screen driver, I need to check the pen is really touch the screen.


You may know that, in some touch screen driver, there is a pen down interrupt.


so in my driver I use GPIO PF8 as my interrupt for the touch screen, I request IRQ_PF8, and set it into falling edge trigger,


but when the interrupt triggered, I still need to know  the status of the PF8 after several milliseconds(this is for debounce).


But I do not know how to get the status of the PF8,because it have been used as an interrupt source and set into falling edge trigger.


Can anybody give me answer?






2008-04-15 06:35:45     Re: get pendown state


Message: 54255    you can still read the gpio data register when it is configured as interrupt source I think.

The value should still conform to Table14-2 or BF537 HRM (in the case of BF537).