2008-04-10 10:51:55     scp (dropbear) didn't apply patch to dropbear-0.51

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2008-04-10 10:51:55     scp (dropbear) didn't apply patch to dropbear-0.51

Andrea Federico Grisotto (ITALY)

Message: 54036    in svn trunk not all the patches applied to dropbear-0.49 have benn applied to dropbear-0.51.


When in the board scp starts, it looks where is the dbclient application.

This information is in the "options.h" file and in particular in the _PATH_SSH_PROGRAM macro.


trunk/user/dropbear/dropbear-0.49/options.h (line 206)



trunk/user/dropbear/dropbear-0.51/options.h (line 212)



uClinux install dbclient in "/bin" so it's necessary to rewrite the _PATH_SSH_PROGRAM macro in dropbear-0.51 in this way:


#define _PATH_SSH_PROGRAM "/bin/dbclient"


ciao Andrea.




2008-04-10 17:00:53     Re: scp (dropbear) didn't apply patch to dropbear-0.51

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54048    ive updated the Makefile to install the binaries into /usr/bin rather than /bin ... thanks for pointing this out