2008-04-10 12:29:13     can "-mfast-fp" be used in kernel?

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2008-04-10 12:29:13     can "-mfast-fp" be used in kernel?

david wang (CHINA)

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hi, all


  As the title, if I want to use floating point library in the kernel module, is it possible? I add the "-mfast-fp" to the linux-2.6.x/Makefile, but it failed when linking with many errors of undefined reference of floating point functions.


  I have searched many threads on this topic, but found all of them are talking about user space program. is it possilbe of using floating point library in kernel? Thanks for any help!




2008-04-10 12:37:21     Re: can "-mfast-fp" be used in kernel?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54038    it isnt a matter of -mfast-fp, it's a floating point issue.  you cannot use floating point in the kernel.


i dont know how you searched, but googling for "floating point" and "linux kernel" should result in many hits all saying the same thing: dont do it.