2008-04-04 17:56:19     Problems building videohook: "drawtext"

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2008-04-04 17:56:19     Problems building videohook: "drawtext"

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

Message: 53656    With ffmpeg working nicely (BF537, 2008R1), I'd like to be able to add captions to its output. The example videohook filter "drawtext" looks like it would be a nice fit. But I'm having trouble building it, and wondering if anyone has any experience with it?


Right off the bat I was getting compile errors in drawtext.c, from the following two lines:


#include FT_FREETYPE_H

#include FT_GLYPH_H


I changed those lines to:


#include <ftglyph.h>

#include <freetype.h>


That stopped the compile errors. (Hopefully I did the right thing :-).


Also, obviously the freetype library is required, so I enabled "Build freetype" in menuconfig. I see freetype being built, a bunch of freetype .o files are created, etc. However, drawtext.so is still not being built. I suspect it's because somewhere the ffmpeg make system isn't aware freetype is being built - during the "make" I see the following output:



make -C ffmpeg

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/frank/blackfin-sources/branch-2008R1/uclinux-dist/lib/ffmpeg'

find ffmpeg-svn-11114 -type f -print0 | xargs -0 touch -r ffmpeg-svn-11114/configure

set -e ; \

    rm -rf build ; \

    mkdir build ; \

    cd build ; \

    SDL_CONFIG=/home/frank/blackfin-sources/branch-2008R1/uclinux-dist/staging/usr/bin/sdl-config \

    ../ffmpeg-svn-11114/configure \

        --prefix=/usr \

        --source-path=$PWD/../ffmpeg-svn-11114 \

        --target-os=Linux \

        --cpu=bfin \

        --arch=bfin \

        --extra-ldflags="      -mcpu=bf537-0.2" \

        --enable-static \

        --enable-shared \

        --enable-gpl \

        --enable-pp \

        --disable-strip \


install prefix            /usr

source path               /home/frank/blackfin-sources/branch-2008R1/uclinux-dist/lib/ffmpeg/build/../ffmpeg-svn-11114

C compiler                bfin-linux-uclibc-gcc

make                      make

.align is power-of-two    no

ARCH                      bfin (bfin)

big-endian                no

gprof enabled             no

debug symbols             yes

strip symbols             no

optimizations             yes

static                    yes

shared                    yes

postprocessing support    yes

software scaler enabled   no

video hooking             yes

Imlib2 support            no

FreeType support          no

network support           yes

IPv6 support              yes

threading support         no

SDL support               no

Sun medialib support      no

AVISynth enabled          no

liba52 support            no

liba52 dlopened           no

libamr-nb support         no

libamr-wb support         no

libdc1394 support         no

libfaac enabled           no

libfaad enabled           no

libfaad dlopened          no

libgsm enabled            no

libmp3lame enabled        no

libnut enabled            no

libtheora enabled         no

libvorbis enabled         no

x264 enabled              no

XviD enabled              no

zlib enabled              yes

License: GPL

Enabled decoders:



I've been digging through files without success - any suggestions on how to proceed from here?









2008-04-04 19:23:48     Re: Problems building videohook: "drawtext"

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 53661    changing those lines ignores the problem, it doesnt fix it ... if freetype was being properly included, those lines would have been replaced with the proper include.


you'll have to build up freetype and make sure ffmpeg can find it during configure.




2008-04-04 20:54:46     Re: Problems building videohook: "drawtext"

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

Message: 53665    Ahh - thank you. I was very puzzled by those two #include lines - they made no sense to me. What you're saying makes sense - I'll try something different.




2008-04-06 20:11:40     Re: Problems building videohook: "drawtext"

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

Message: 53712    Managed to get drawtext to build by installing freetype on my development PC (as well as enabling it in menuconfig). It appears that the FFMPEG  build script scans the host development PC looking for freetype. If it finds it, it's happy and automagically does the various #includes.


It seems the #include files are read from the development machine's freetype files, not from the blackfin source directory 2008R1 freetype files. So making sure the two freetypes are the same version is obviously a good idea - currently that would be version 2.3.5




2008-04-07 08:16:08     Re: Problems building videohook: "drawtext"


Message: 53750    Frank:


It should just look at the build system - if it doesn't - it is a bug in the config scripts (which I know that ffpmeg's has known problems in it).


Someone will have a quick look.