2008-04-01 06:13:06     BF548 and SDIO, host controller support

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2008-04-01 06:13:06     BF548 and SDIO, host controller support

roger froysaa (NORWAY)

Message: 53442    Hi,


I have some questions (a bunch actually) that I'm trying to find answers to; I hope you may be able to help me.



I'm trying to find out the current status of the BF548 and SDIO support in 2.6.24. Is there a working host SDIO controller for the BF548 (I suppose currently for the AD EZ-KIT), i.e. can we expect to be able to do driver development for an SDIO device on the BF548 yet?


Another thing I'm wondering about is what the plan is for supporting the BlueTechnix CM-BF548 which is due on the market any time now. Is the plan to support this quickly (it is scheduled for release these days), or is this something that may come later on?


I see the uclinux-dist-devel mailing list gets a "mainline kernel building" report from time to time. Is this related to the default SVN kernel version? I see some issues related to the BF548; will I be able to check out and build the 2.6.24 kernel for the BF548, or is it not yet ready for "normal" use yet?


Hope you guys can shed some light on these things









2008-04-01 14:28:47     Re: BF548 and SDIO, host controller support

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 53479    what type of driver exactly are you trying to write ?  if you want to just do storage on a MMC/SD card, then that's done now.


the BlueTechnix guys are responsible for doing BlueTechnix development.  you'll have to ask them what their plans are.


the report says which kernel trees it is testing and the results of a particular board config.  if you want to focus on development, you should be using the 2008R1 branch, not trunk.




2008-04-01 17:20:50     Re: BF548 and SDIO, host controller support


Message: 53492    If you are looking at SDIO wifi, I might be able to give you a hand.  I've been poking around at getting the Marvel 8686 or the Atheros 6k working on a BF548 EZ-Kit.