2008-03-27 07:14:28     help me about audio bf561 driver

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2008-03-27 07:14:28     help me about audio bf561 driver

Bing Han (CHINA)

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help me please!


i use uclinux-2.6.16 in my bf561 develop system, now i meet with a problem .


does uclinux-2.6.16 completely supports the ALSA/OSS(in the ad1836 driver i see it does not use (asoc driver) soc.h )


my audio device is wm8731 which is ASOC ,it supports I2S interface and BLACKFIN DMA . But  in linux 2.6.16 i can not find that ALSA can spport  I2S interface,only find PCM interface.


i am    puzzled that in linux 2.6.16 whether  it can driver my audio device ,how can i do .


i must upgrate  the core of linux ??


help me  thank you !




2008-03-27 09:39:03     Re: help me about audio bf561 driver

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 53142    the wiki contains the answer to your question:



you will most likely need to upgrade though to 2008R1.  the release you're using isnt supported anymore.